Tim Bichara

I’m Tim Bichara, a product strategist based in London. I help companies make compelling and engaging digital products, ensure their delivery on budget and optimise for growth.

My specialities include consumer technology, mobile and blockchain

A little bit about what I do

Product conception

If you’re thinking of developing a digital product I can help you figure out what you should be developing and how. I’ll help look at your business, your market and your available resources, and figure out where the opportunities lie.

Product delivery

Whether it’s building an in house team, or working with a third party vendor, I can help you get the right team in place to deliver and support your product over its entire lifecycle. I’ll help you build a delivery process with rapid innovation and iteration at its heart.

Product growth

No plan survives the first contact with the enemy and no product survives its first contact with users. By monitoring and understanding how your product behaves in the wild, I will help you optimise for growth and steer a path to awesome traction.

Writings, thoughts,
and content

I write and talk regularly about digital product development. Here is some of it:

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I have worked in consumer product development for over 20 years. Originally from an agency background, I have founded 3 digital product businesses, 2 of which have been acquired. I also founded a design and build agency which has worked on some of the biggest mobile apps of its time.

I know how to bring to life products that consumers love. I also know the pressures on product businesses and the importance of getting to product/market fit before the money runs out.


  • I exited 2 product businesses including QApp which sold to Yoyo Wallet in 2016
  • Founded one of the foremost mobile agencies in London, and produced some of the biggest mobile apps for the BBC (including the Top Gear News App with over 1M downloads)
  • Co-founded and took the membership of Consciouslife.com from 500 – 30,000 in 18 months
  • Co-founded and ran the Promise Initial Coin Offering in 2018 which raised $1M in funding

Recent projects

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